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This treatment uses a peroxide based material to whiten naturally discolored teeth; agents include whitening strips or custom plastic trays and a gel based peroxide that is used while sleeping.

How are discolored spots on my child’s teeth treated?

A technique called microabrasion can improve the appearance of teeth with discolored areas. In this treatment, Dr. Trueblood removes microscopic bits of discolored tooth enamel with an abrasive and a mild acid. Microabrasion is a conservative treatment, usually comfortable for your child. It works best on surface discoloration.

What causes my child’s teeth to become discolored?

There are many possible causes. Trauma to a tooth can cause discoloration. Severe illness during tooth development can discolor areas of teeth because of disruptions in tooth development. Additionally, an entire tooth might discolor if exposed to certain medicines or minerals during development. Lastly, poor oral hygiene, especially during orthodontic therapy, can lead to discolored areas on teeth as well.